System Integrations

Do you have systems you want to talk together but you've been told that it's not possible?

This is something that we come across commonly where a business has multiple different applications in the business which do not natively work together. 

This could be the sales department using a CRM system, service using a service platform and accounts using an accounting platform and none of these talk to each other. As you can imagine this can waste a lot of productive time with users having to manually share the data or worse, duplicate the data into the different systems. 

In recent years most applications provide an interface to their data and functions through an API however few provide the means to natively integrate with another application and that’s where we come in!

Ignore what you have been told before as we will take your various applications and integrate them together whether they have an API, native integration or neither of the two.

We love making things possible that shouldn’t be, it’s what excites us, and many software vendors have been impressed when clients have fed back to them about integrations we’ve achieved for them that they didn’t think were possible.

Save Non-Productive Time

Stop Duplication of Data

Create Better Teams

Provide Better Service

Integrated Systems

How do we do it?

We utilise a variety of different methods to integrate systems. Even if a software vendor offers a native integration or an API we won’t necessarily use it as it may not be the best method for your individual use case and what you would like to achieve.

We start by looking at your work flow within the business from end to end even if it’s outside the scope of what you would like to integrate. It’s important that we understand your entire flow so that we can suggest the best way to integrate but also so we can provide recommendations on anything else that may be worthwhile integrating.

Once we understand the flow of data we then look at what options are available from each application and understand whether it will help us to achieve the desired integrations.

Once these steps are complete we will then use a combination of application development, automation tools and existing application functionality to achieve the integration.

Previous System Integrations

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Dynamics 365

Dynamics NAV & CRM

We undertook a project to implement two-way synchronisation and integration between Dynamics NAV and Dynamics CRM/365. 

This project involved syncing Accounts, Cases, Purchase Orders and Invoicing between Dynamics NAV and CRM to tie together the service and accounts departments. 

Through this project the client identified a variety of areas that they could be more profitable and areas where billing was being missed resulting in a significant return on investment. 

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Dynamics 365 Business Central

Business Central & Website

Dynamics 365 Business Central was a new invoicing and warehousing management system that our client was integrating for their own client and required the existing custom e-commerce website to be synced.

This project involved two-way sync of customer accounts, products and orders to allow the existing website to function as it had previously but to work with Business Central. 

At the end of this project the website was tightly integrated with Business Central saving on countless hours of manual data entry and data duplication. 

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Dynamics 365 & Quickbooks

Our client was in the process of implementing both Dynamics 365 customer service and Quickbooks Online and wanted the two to be able to talk to each other.

We were able to roll out customer account sychronisation from Quickbooks to Dynamics 365 along with automatic invoicing of completed jobs from Dynamics 365 to Quickbooks. 

The integration allowed our client to reduce invoicing time on completion of a job from 72 hours to 15 minutes along with catching jobs which were going un-invoiced through gaps in the previous manual entry process.

We’re firm believers that anything is possible if the right minds and tools are put to the task. We thrive on projects where people have been told the integration isn’t possible or won’t work very well. There is a good chance that we’ve also already integrated the software that you are using if it’s a widely known product.

Integrating systems is also only the first piece of the puzzle and we will always look at what else you could be doing to improve your way of working whether it is directly within the integration or other parts of automation that can be used within the business. Our aim is to save man hours, improve productivity and make peoples lives easier through automation.

Ready to get started?

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