About Us


Vidertec was founded with the purpose of saving businesses time and money through driving workplace efficiency and process automation. We utilise existing software suites such as Office 365 and Dynamic 365 to help businesses achieve more from subscriptions they already have in addition to developing custom pieces of software that automate repetitive and unwanted processes. 

Vidertec’s founders have worked in the technology industry for their entire careers, notably in years leading to the cloud boom and assisting clients use and adapt to cloud technologies. With the growth of cloud offerings such as Office 365, Azure, AWS and many more it was apparant that most companies did not fully utilise features they were already paying for and were not aware, or found too complicated, understanding how to utilise additional cloud features to make their business more efficient. These areas are things that we understand well along with an appreciation of time and experience limitations in small and medium businesses which is why we created our services to enable companies to make the most of the cloud and automation.

Through our 5 step approach we understand how our clients operate, make recommendations and implement changes to their business to enable them in becoming more efficient through the use of technology.


We’ve built a model that we believe works for any size of company and in any industry that wants to optimise their business and help employees to be more efficient.

First we understand what your business does and how it operates to look for repetitive processes and processes that could be improved through automation.

We then also understand from your employees which tasks they don’t like to do so that we can deliver not only time savings but reduce the time it takes to complete those tasks which employees prefer not to do.

Once we understand the business and the areas that can be improved upon we set to work on implementing our findings for you and deliver you return on investments that are easy to see through our client portal.

People That Care

We love optimisation and automation and are passionate about delivering results for our clients. We work hard to understand your business and how you operate so that we can integrate with your processes.

Depth of Experience

We have experience working in almost every sector across the UK, EU and the US to deliver results that are unique to each business that we work with.

Proven Return on Investment

We believe there isn't a single business that can't benefit from process optimistion and automation. We prove our ROI's by giving a clear dashboard that shows the work we are performing and the time and money saved as result.


Our simple 5 step approach is built around a continual improvement model which is common to how many businesses operate that are familiar with ISO9001, ISO27001 or ITIL concepts. We believe our approach allows us to follow the trend your business does as it changes and adapts much like an employee would. In addition, as new technology is released this also allows us to adapt our approach for you and ensure you are utilising the latest technology and features to continue enhancing your business and employees. 

Audit & Scope

Step 1

We start by auditing your business and employees to determine the areas where improvements can be made.

Initially we look at the existing software being used, time consuming processes, repetitive processes and processes which employees do not like doing. 

We then set out the initial scope of the project with our recommendations and present this to you.


Step 2

Once the scope has been determined we then start the development of any automated processes that have been identified.

At the same time our team will also work with your existing software such as Office 365 to enable and document features that will help to improve productivity within the business. 


Step 3

The implementation phase is similar to quality acceptance where we roll out the changes to a test environment with real data to see how it reacts.

We then make further changes and fix any initial bugs before we roll out the process changes and any identified software changes into production use.


Step 4

Every process that we design we feed back into our customer portal where statistics are recorded with a clear view on time and money saved to determine your return on investment. 

We also capture and feedback any errors from production use into the portal and our team will proactively work to rectify them for you.


Step 5

Once the initial data has been collected we then aim to identify any improvements that can be made to the processes and changes that have already been made.

Once we’re satisfied with the implementation we then start the process again at step 1 in a reptitive cycle to keep up with the business as it develops.

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