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We specialise in enabling business efficiency through automation of repetitive processes and optimisation of the workforce. Our aim is to enable employees through the use of pre-existing tools and custom development to spend time on the functions that matter the most to the business. 

Our Services

Workforce Optimisation

We utilise existing tools such as Office 365 alongside custom development to make the workforce more efficient and achieve more.

Process Automation

We examine what your business does and the processes performed by your employees to see where they can be automated. to save time and money.

Business Intelligence

Using Power BI we can provide advanced reports and dashboards on how your business is performing and provide areas for improvement.

System Integrations

We can integrate systems that don't have any native support for doing so by the use of pioneering technologies and custom development.

Office 365 Optimisation

Most companies that use Office 365 are not using it to it's full potential. We examine you use and help you utilise extra features to be more efficient.

Dynamics 365

A CRM system is key to business optimisation with the ability to automate processes and tie information together in a single place.

Why Choose Vidertec

We've built a model that we believe works for any size of company and in any industry that wants to optimise their business and help employees to be more efficient.

First we understand what your business does and how it operates to look for repetitive processes and processes that could be improved through automation.

We then also understand from your employees which tasks they don't like to do so that we can deliver not only time savings but reduce the time it takes to complete those tasks which employees prefer not to do.

Once we understand the business and the areas that can be improved upon we set to work on implementing our findings for you and deliver you return on investments that are easy to see through our client portal.

People That Care

We love optimisation and automation and are passionate about delivering results for our clients. We work hard to understand your business and how you operate so that we can integrate with your processes.

Depth of Experience

We have experience working in almost every sector across the UK, EU and the US to deliver results that are unique to each business that we work with.

Proven Return on Investment

We believe there isn't a single business that can't benefit from process optimistion and automation. We prove our ROI's by giving a clear dashboard that shows the work we are performing and the time and money saved as result.

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